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Placas de 24×0,2ml (RP) frosted (100und)

Placas de 24×0,2ml (RP) frosted (100und)

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Placas de 24×0,2ml (RP) Fosco Claro (100und)

SKU: B50240


RP, SEMI, Semi-skirted Thin-wall, Light Frosted, Regular Profile
These EU 24 well regular profile plates are semi-skirted and designed for qPCR applications. Closure can be accomplished with either EU (optical), strip caps, mats or seals. Can be used in most 0.2 ml regular block and Real-Time thermal cyclers. Plate is robust, flat and can be color coded using a Pre-Post Tube support grid.
Hint: Fits ABI® 7300, 7500, 2400, 2700, 2720 cyclers, 9700, Bio-Rad®, Eppendorf® and others. Excellent for qPCR.