8 tubes Strips

Bioplastics 0.1/0.2ml 8 tube strips are extreme uniform products made of high medical grade polypropylene, which means:

•Uniform wall thickness

•Low evaporation rates

•High thermal conductivity

•Low binding

Leading to extreme uniform reaction conditions in (q)PCR.


Bioplastics strips are available without caps or with individual caps.

Regarding the height of strips, 3 main types are offered: low profile (LP), regular profile (RP) and high profile (HP) 8 tube strips:


Low profile strips are used in "fast cyclers" as well as in cyclers with height adjustable lids.

Most PCR cyclers accept regular and high profile products (tubes, strips and plates)

The differences between low profile (or 0.1ml tubes), regular and high profile products are illustrated in the figure below.


Natural, Frosted and White Products:

qPCR signal/noise ratios can be significantly increased by using frosted and white products. Frosted products will generate up to 40% higher signal/noise ratios compared to transparent ones. White products greatly enhance signal/noise ratios (up to 90%) compared with transparent ones.


Product Finder:

To find the most suitable product for your cycler, use the product finder in the link below. You can narrow down your search by typing a PCR instrument manufacturer name, brand or model.


Advanced Product Finder



Without caps With individual caps