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Tubos PCR 0,2ml (LP) (1000und)

Tubos PCR 0,2ml (LP) (1000und)

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Tubos PCR 0,1ml (LP) (1000und)

SKU: B77201


Low Profile (LP) tubes with Optical Indented wide area Cap
Fits almost all PCR and qPCR (Fast) cycler models which accept low profile products. See compatibility below.
Can be used as single tubes and/or can be positioned in specific (skirted) Grids also called Shell Frame Grids and once “positioned in” becoming a plate assembly for specific (q)PCR instruments. Can also be used in Roche 480 with adaptor.
There are 4 different grids available:
For composing plates which fits all ABI® 0.1 ml fast cyclers use grid AB19805G
For composing plates which fits Roche® Lightcycler 480 model 96 well format use grid B17489G
For making solid Non Skirted plates use B69304 grid.
Compatibility Table