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Placas de 96 Poços de Perfil Regular (RP), Sub-Skirted

Placas de 96 Poços de Perfil Regular (RP), Sub-Skirted

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Placas de 96×0,2mL Poços de Perfil Regular (RP), Sub-Skirted, Robustas, Fosco Claro (25und)

SKU: AB17500


RP, SUB, Frosted Subskirted Thin-wall, ABI compatible, regular profile
These EU 96 well plates are a superior quality and price alternative designed to fit any Applied Biosystems® regular of Real-Time PCR thermal cycler as well as ABI® sequencers. They have a very rigid, extra stabilized frame and an elevated skirt. They are suited for both automatic loading as well as robotic handling. To improve Real-Time signal yields, the tubes in this 96-well plate are frosted. Closure can be accomplished with either EU (optical) strips caps, mats or seals. These ABI® compatible plates are also available in Laser Mark Coded and barcoded labelled versions. Also available in A-type material.

Hint: Fits any ABI® cycler