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Placas de 96×0,2ml (LP) transparente (25und)

Placas de 96×0,2ml (LP) transparente (25und)

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Placas de 96×0,1ml (LP) natural (25und)

SKU: AB19800


LP, SUB, Frosted Subskirted Thin-wall, Low-profile, ABI compatible (0.1 ml)
The plate has frosted tubes and can be used in Real-Time applications. The plate is designed to fit ABI®9800 and other “fast” cycler sample blocks and can also be used in many 0.2 ml regular and Real-Time thermal cyclers. The working volume for this plate is between 5 and 25µl reaction mixtures. Closure can be accomplished with either EU (optical) strip caps, mats or seals.

Hint: Fits all ABI® fast cyclers.