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Placas de 96×0,2ml (LP) transparente (25und)

Placas de 96×0,2ml (LP) transparente (25und)

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Placas de 96×0,1ml (LP) fosco claro (25und)

SKU: B50601


LP, NON, Non Skirted Thin-wall (Breakable at < 4 °C), cutable Low profile (0,1 ml)
This EU 96 well low profile plate is non-skirted and designed for qPCR applications. Plates can be easily cut and breakable at 4ºC. Closure can be accomplished with either EU (optical) strip caps, mats or seals. Can de used in many 0.2 ml regular block cyclers and Real-Time thermal cyclers. late is robust, flat and can be color coded using a Pre-Post Tube Support grid.