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Bio-Cult Stuart (100 swabs)

Bio-Cult Stuart (100 swabs)

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Bio-Cult Stuart (100 zaragatoas)

SKU: 85308


Swabs for collection and transport of clinical, environmental samples and microorganisms.

Bio – Cult Stuart is constituted by a sterile swab and a tube containing the Stuart Transport Medium (Ref. 610182), recommended for transport and collection of microorganisms deriving from:
• Oropharynx swabs;
• Rectal swabs;
• Urogenital exudates;
• Nasal and auricular exudates;
• Food samples;
• Surfaces or work environments.

Content: 100 tests.
Each package contains:
1 swab and 1 tube in glassine bag;
100 bags in cardboard box.