DF-Pfu DNA polymerase - a thermostable enzyme isolated from Pyrococcus furiousus. It possesses 3’ - 5’ exonuclease (proofreading) activity. Nucleotide misinsertions that may occur during polymerization are rapidly excised by the proofreading activity of the polymerase. DF-Pfu DNA Polymerase is recommended for use in PCR and primer extension reactions that require high fidelity synthesis.


One-Fusion DNA Polymerase – a unique artificial enzyme created on the basis of intellectual protein design planning by genetic engineering technique. The enzyme possess high fidelity feature. The processivity of the enzyme is very high, so the combination of processivity with fidelity results in dramatically increased yield of PCR products, very high sensitivity of PCR tests, ability to amplify “difficult” templates. This dramatic increase in processivity results not only in shorter extension times, but in more robust amplification and the ability to amplify long templates really fast. One-Fusion DNA Polymerase possesses the 5'->3' DNA polymerase activity, 3'->5' exonuclease activity and temperature-depended strand-displacement activity.