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MyGo Taq DNA Polymerase

MyGo Taq DNA Polymerase is a versatile and robust enzyme designed for use in all routine PCR applications including genotyping, library construction and screening.


The enzyme is supplied with an optimised 5x buffer containing dNTPs and MgCl2 designed to give high yields and superior performance on a wide range of templates including complex genomic DNA.


MyGo Taq DNA Polymerase has an error rate of approximately 1 error per 2.0 x 105 nucleotides incorporated. The enzyme is recommended for the amplification of up to 6kb. PCR products generated are A-tailed, and may be cloned into TA cloning vectors.

Descrição Referência Preço Quantidade
MyGo Taq DNA polimerase (500U) 3013 ***
MyGo Taq DNA polimerase (2000U) 6166 ***
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