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MyGo Mini qPCR System

The MyGo Mini is the world's most compact real-time PCR instrument, with no moving parts for silent operation and maximum reliability. It provide users with great results over a broad range of applications. Personal precision...



The MyGo Mini demonstrates superior intra-run and inter-run analytical precision in DNA quantification and melting point analysis. Users can now address biological phenomena with subtle effects on gene expression, or pathogen levels, for example discriminating 10% differences in transcript concentrations. For users performing HRM-based. analysis of genetic variants, the combination of thermal control, optical data quality and HRM data analysis of the MyGo Mini system provide compelling functionality. The system can discriminate all classes of SNP, including Class 4 SNPs via HRM.



The MyGo Mini system comes with easy-to-use software, and robust, high performance algorithms which provide accurate results from complex data. Automated analysis of complex HRM data makes this powerful technique more accessible to non-experts, and minimises operator-dependent variability in data analysis. Automated report generation makes life easier for service providers, and users operating within GLP quality systems.



The MyGo Mini is the world’s first completely solid-state real-time PCR machine, with no moving parts. The MyGo Mini has been designed to last, then made and tested to exacting standards. The result is a silent, highly reliable instrument, with the option of a 5 year extended warranty.



The MyGo Mini software does not require a dedicated computer, unlike some competitor instruments. So users do not need to find the space or money for an additional computer to run the system, and they can run the operating system that they are familiar with. In addition the MyGo Mini software enables the user to control hundreds of instruments whilst simultaneously analysing run data on one computer. No other qPCR system offers these benefits to the user.



The MyGo Mini software can be installed on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Use your choice of computer and operating system. The MyGo Mini is also compatible with standard 0.1mL low-profile tubes, which are convenient and cost-effective.

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