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Autoclave de bancada Microjet

Microjet – autoclave for laboratory use. The autoclave Microjet thermal energy required for sterilization is delivered directly to the medium. Microwaves are the energy source, which makes the heating occurs instantly and uniformly throughout the volume of the liquid.



Compact design, small footprint and low weight make MICROJET very easy to install virtually anywhere in your lab – all you need is an electric outlet.



It’s always at hand, when you need it. 24 h per day, 7 days a week. You don’t need to wait for sterilized media, especially when you have an urgent job to do.



Direct Energy Transfer technology makes media preparation very quick. Sterilization is complete in just 12 minutes – just as short as a coffee break.


“I use the autoclave almost every day and I am very satisfied with it. It is ideal for labs where the media are made up of various compositions. It can save the day when there is a need for an experiment where just this dish with the medium is lacking.”

Paweł Bieganowski IMDiK



“It has the advantage of a shorter operating time as compared with conventional steam autoclaves. Media do not require prior dilution of components – it is sufficient to pour water on them and put them into the autoclave. EnbioJet improves the lab work considerably.”

Dr hab. Agnieszka Jankowska

Food Technology Department

Faculty of Food Science

Warmińsko-Mazurski University in Olsztyn


“The microwave autoclave is an essential piece of equipment in situations when there is a lot of work to do in the lab and each minute saved is an invaluable asset. Enbiojet reduces sterilisation time to approx. 12 minutes from the 1.5 hours required in steam autoclaves – from the moment the medium is put in to the moment it is taken out, ready to use. It is extremely easy to use, displays clear messages at each and every stage of its operation. It is worth a recommendation for any lab.”

Leszek Połeć

Sądeckie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o.


Standard lab containers

Liquid media, such as microbiological media, buffers, solutions of carbohydrates, or the water can be sterilized in standard laboratory flasks and bottles, glass and plastic, with a capacity of 100 to 500 ml.


Touch screen

All functions are operated using a touch screen , which also displays the sterilization process.


Plug and play

MICROJET autoclave operation is intuitive and requires no extra training. Everything you need to run the unit is a standard electrical outlet. Turn it on and immediately start working. Just like that.


Data archiving

The course of each sterilization is automatically saved on a memory card. The data can be copied to any computer.


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