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MAIA Pesticide MultiTest

Colorimetric system for the detection of organophosphate, organochloride and carbamate pesticides residues in water, food and drink.


The method of Acetylcholinesterase – Microplate Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition Assay (MAIA) – for the detection of organophosphate, organochloride and carbamate pesticides residues in hydro-acetonitrilic extracts of solid/liquid food matrices is based on testing in microtitre plates of Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity inhibition by pesticide molecules, that belong to 3 important families. It is a semiquantitative analytic method called screening method, or first level method. The AChE is preincubated with the desiccated extract to accentuate the pesticide's inhibition effect on AChE, if present in the food matrix in examination. Afterwards, the enzyme-extract system is integrated with an appropriate reaction substratum, the acetylthiocholine, and with a chromogenic detector for thiocoline that has developed. The reaction is stopped by a denaturant of the enzymatic protein. Proceed to direct visual evaluation by comparing the color in Sample wells with the Color Card included in the kit or with the color of the Control Columns (ref. 79703). The method makes a biological test in which the analyte pesticide is selectively intercepted because of its specific “noxious” action on a critical physiological event of the animal organism, the AChE activity in nervous and neuromuscular junctions.


Kit Content:

1 microtiter plate (96 wells);

1 sealing film 10 vials of freeze-dried MAIA MEDIUM, containing mammal AChE and a pH buffer;

10 vials of MAIA STARTER containing ATCI and DTNB;

1 bottles containing salts for matrix extraction (MAIA Salts);

1 basin for multichannel pipette.

Informações adicionais

Items necessary, but not included in the Kit:


• Adjustable pipette 1-5 mL;

• Adjustable multichannel pipette 50-300 μL;

• Chronometer; • Mixer;

• Dispersing homogenizer for 10 mL tubes;

• Tabletop Centrifuge;

• Dryer;

• Shaker for microplate;

• Microplate reader with filter λ = 405 nm.

Other reagents as:

• Ultrapure water HPLC degree;

• Acetonitrile ACS degree, used as extractant and then as reaction STOPPER.

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