Equipamentos Bomba Peristáltica para Microbiologia
Bomba Peristáltica FlexiPump®

FlexiPump® is a range of peristaltic pumps for culture media preparation. Use it for serial dispensing of culture media (e.g.: 9 mL in tube), agar (e.g.: 18 mL in Petri) or any liquid diluent (e.g.: 90 mL or 225 mL in bottle or blender bag).

Compact, it has an intuitive interface and great ergonomics. Its speed and precision guarantee efficiency for your sample preparation.


Essential features:

  • Single pump head with 3 rollers
  • Delivered with one dispensing assembly (3.2mm inner diameter) tube
  • Flow rate up to 1,25L/min



Designed for microbiologists:

  • Select from 3 dispensing modes:

- Continuous

- Dose (predetermined volume)

- Multi-dose (predetermined volume, with an adjustable pause between each dose)

  • 32 editable programs
  • Rotating button for easy navigation
  • Compact: only 16 cm wide


Precise flow control:

  • Up to 1% precision
  • Dispenses liquid from 50 μL to 99 L
  • Contamination free: dispensing assembly is entirely autoclavable with bottle
  • In compliance with ISO 6887-1 and ISO 7218 standards
  • Anti drop system


Simple calibration:

  • Step-by-step instructions on screen
  • Calibration possible with chosen volume
  • Can be done quickly by anyone in the lab


Easy dispensing:

  • Improved dispensing control with the handy gun and the adjustable arm
  • Serial dispensing of:

Culture media

E.g.: 9 mL in test tube


E.g.: 18 mL in Petri dish

Any liquid diluent

E.g.: 90 mL or 225 mL in bottle or blender bag


Maintenance free:

  • Heavy duty polycarbonate top shell and durable stainless steel
  • Powerful stepping motor with no wearing parts
  • High quality Watson MarlowTM pump heads
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