CHROMagar Salmonella Plus

For isolation and detection of Salmonella species, including lactose positive Salmonella in food samples


The recent revision of ISO 6579 for Salmonella testing is a direct result of the growing incidence of lactose positive Salmonella spp. isolated from cases of food poisoning. CHROMagar Salmonella Plus agar has been introduced to meet the requirements of ISO 6579 and provides clear, easily visible identification of Salmonella spp. including: lactose positive Salmonella, S. typhi and S. paratyphi.



Typical appearance of microrganisms


Salmonella including S. typhi, S. paratyphi A and lactose positive Salmonella → mauve
Coliforms→ blue

E. coli→ colourless

Proteus → colourless or inhibited


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Medium Description


32.8 g/L



Peptone and Yeast Extract


Salts 8.5

Chromogenic mix








Storage at 15/30°C - pH 7.5 +/- 0.2


Supplements Description (included)

1st Liquid form

6.0 g/L



Storage at 15/30°C


In order to obtain a white opaque background:

2nd White opaque powder suppl

1.0 g/L



Storage at 15/30°C




Inoculation after selective broth enrichment of samples according to ISO 6579

Incubation 18-24h at 37ºC

Aerobic conditions


Meets ISO 6579:2002 Requirements: By detecting lactose positive Salmonella in intense mauve colour


Easy to Read by Naked Eye: Another feature of this medium resides in its nice colour contrast due to the fact that E. coli are colourless. E. coli, which are usually present in abundance in samples tested for Salmonella and could potentially hide suspect colonies, are no longer a concern


High Sensitivity and Specificity: Salmonella including lactose positive Salmonella: 99%


Polyvalence: This medium is also convenient for clinical specimens hosting Salmonella such as S. typhi and S. paratyphi.


Informações adicionais

Did you know?: RambaQUICK Salmonella broth enrichment can be used ahead of the inolation step of CHROMagar Salmonella Plus culture plate, following the RambaQUICK Salmonella Method to rapidly detect Salmonella. Product code for this broth enrichment is SQ001. Details


Evaluation of a new chromogenic medium, CHROMagar™ Salmonella Plus, for the detection of Salmonella spp. including lactose positive Salmonella, S.Typhi and S.Paratyphi (2006) Publication

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