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Meio desidratado de acordo com ISO 9308-1:2014

Chromogenic Coliform Agar for the detection and enumeration of ß-glucuronidase positive E.coli and coliforms in water with low bacterial background flora (according to the ISO 9308-1 norm).


Coliforms, Enterobacteriacae able to ferment lactose (lactose positive Enterobacteriacae), are bacteria present not only in human and warm blooded animals intestinal flora but also in the soil and water. Coliforms are proof of organic, environmental or faecal contamination. Faecal contamination, due to coliforms coming from animal waste, consists mainly of Escherichia coli and thermotolerant Klebsiella. Strict regulations exist for E.coli/Coliform presence in water samples.

This can be explained by the importance of these germs in determining drinking water safety and process efficiency of treatment, storage and distribution.

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CHROMagar CCA - Coliformes e E.coli (3x5000mL) EF342 ***
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