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Focus on micro-volume measurement performance.

BioDrop-μLITE is the best choice for life scientists for whom speed and accuracy in micro-volume measurements are required rather than broad measurement range.


BioDrop-μLITE is the best choice for micro-volume measurement when you need speed without sacrificing accuracy or precision. With no moving parts, the unique in-built sample port offers unrivalled performance delivering a dsDNA detection limit of 1ng/μL. Because the pathlength doesn’t change, the instrument provides excellent measurement reproducibility. Measurements made with the BioDrop μLITE are also highly accurate because the pathlength is specified to +/- 5μm. 


BioDrop-μLITE has a large capacitive colour touchscreen with on-board software for data acquisition and analysis. Pre-programmed methods for DNA, RNA, oligos and proteins in the on-board software reduce the time from measurement to results. In addition, data generated using the on-board software can be stored internally or transferred using a USB memory stick. Alternatively, both the PC-only and standalone instruments can be controlled using a PC and BioDrop Resolution Software. Users can also choose an optional built-in thermal printer for maximum flexibility.


BioDrop-μLITE has an in-built sample port that is easy to use: simply pipette 0.5μL or more in the centre and measure. Cleaning the port is easy; simply wipe with a lint-free tissue and the μLITE is ready to make the next measurement.


Unboxing a BioDrop Instrument:


Measurement of DNA using the BioDrop DUO sample port:


BioDrop Demonstration and Q&A:


Pipetting on the Sample Port:

  BioDrop µLITE BioDrop µLITE PC
Display 5.7” colour capacitive touchscreen None
Minimum Volume (dsDNA) 0.5µL
Maximum Concentration (dsDNA) 2,500ng/µL
Detection Limit (dsDNA) 1ng/µL
Detector 1024 element CCD array
Light Source Pulsed Xenon lamp with 3 year warranty
Spectral Bandwidth 5nm
Wavelength Range 190 – 1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 2nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ± 1nm
Stray Light <0.5%T at 220 nm and 340 nm using NaNO2
Absorbance Range -0.3 to 2.5A (- 0.3A to 50A: 10mm equivalent)
Absorbance Accuracy  ±0.005A or 1% of the reading, whichever is the greater at 546nm
Absorbance Reproducibility ±0.003A (0 to 0.5A), ±0.007A (0.5 – 1.0A)
Noise 0.005A peak to peak 0.002A RMS
Output USB port for USB memory stick USB port for PC connection
Power input 90-250 V, 50/60 Hz, Max 50VA
Dimensions 420 x 260 x 185mm
Weight approx. 3kg
Life Science PC Software DNA, RNA, oligo, dye labelling, Tm calculation, direct UV and colorimetric protein methods Software
Languages (on-board software) English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish English



Best in class specifications!

  • Never have to calibrate the in-built sample port uses no moving parts providing outstanding measurement performance
  • First of its kind in-built sample port for micro-volume measurements
  • Fast operation – switch on and measure a DNA sample in <4 seconds with only 4 screen touches
  • Large, high-resolution, capacitive colour touchscreen on standalone instrument
  • The in-built sample port is easy to clean and maintain
  • USB connectivity for easy PC connection or data export BioDrop
  • Resolution Life Science PC software for powerful analysis


BioDrop Resolution Life Science PC-Software

  • Dedicated life science methods for determining the concentration and purity of DNA, RNA, oligos and protein as well as the ability to create and save customized methods
  • Fast and easy to use with intuitive modules for quick measurements, wavelength scanning, quantitation and kinetics
  • Pre-programmed with μLITE pathlength for quick calculations
  • Optional BioDrop Resolution CFR module for laboratories requiring full 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • Familiarity of the latest Microsoft Windows® operating system
Informações adicionais
Unboxing a BioDrop Instrument:


Measurement of DNA using the BioDrop DUO sample port:


BioDrop Demonstration and Q&A:


Pipetting on the Sample Port:

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