Tube Skirt, Sterile

Orange Scientific high-quality Centrifuge Tubes feature exceptional transparency. Special attention has been devoted to the cap system in order to ensure complete, safe tightness – even when subjected to vibrations.


Centrifugal force:
Conical Tubes Up To 12000 X G
Tubes With Skirt Up To 6000 X G


Admissible Temperature: -80°C TO +121°C



  • Made of Highly transparent, excellent chemical resistance clarity and gloss, anti static Polypropylene, high clarity and toughness, high light transferability with minimal light distortion
  • Precise, printed graduation along the tube − and engraved graduation on the cone − to allow easy reading of small volumes
  • Clear white marking area suitable for ballpoint pens
  • Sterile tubes are packaged in ‘peel-off’ bags to ease opening and are resealable thus preventing contamination
  • Sterile Tubes are certified as having been sterilised by gamma radiation
  • Sterile Tubes are certified as having an endotoxin level of <0.5 EU/ml
  • Sterile Tubes are certified as being DNA and RNA free
  • All certificates are available upon request
  • Made out of high quality and resistant Polypropylene
Description Reference Price Quantity
50ml Tube Skirt, Sterile (500un) 4440200 ***
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