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RNase A

Remove unwanted single-stranded RNA from multiple sample types or reactions.


Quick: Rapidly degrade single-stranded RNA with this highly effective endoribonuclease

Robust: RNase A is a durable enzyme and resistant to many harsh treatments (e.g. boiling)


Ribonuclease A (RNase A) is an endoribonuclease that cleaves single-stranded RNA at the 3´ end of pyrimidine residues, forming oligoribonucleotides having 3´-terminal pyrimidine-3´-phosphates. Pyrimidine-3´-monophosphates are also released by RNase A cleavage of adjacent pyrimidine nucleotides. Modified RNA containing pyrimidine-2´-fluoro-dNMPs, such as DuraScript® RNA made by in vitro transcription using the DuraScribe® T7 & SP6 Transcription Kits is completely resistant to cleavage by RNase A.




  • Removal of RNA from DNA preparations.
  • Removal of unhybridized regions of RNA from DNA-RNA or RNA-RNA hybrids


Composition and Concentration: Provided on the basis of weight at 5 mg/ml in Storage Buffer.


Storage Buffer: 50% glycerol containing 25 mM sodium acetate (pH 4.6).


Quality Control: RNase A is free of contaminating exo- and endodeoxyribonuclease activities.

Description Reference Price Quantity
RNase A, 5 mg/ml (2ml) MRNA092 ***
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