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Messagebooster cDNA Synthesis kit from Cell Lysates

Produce amplified amounts of cDNA from precious, limiting cell samples without introducing bias.

  • Perform RNA amplification directly from cultured cell lysates followed by cDNA synthesis
  • Amplify with this high-fidelity, linear RNA amplification process that preserves the relative transcript abundance of the sample
  • Get more data out of precious samples – use less RNA for more RT-qPCR reactions
  • Readily and reproducibly detect even low-abundance transcripts from as little as one cell
  • No need to purify RNA: Perform RNA amplification and cDNA synthesis reactions directly from cell lysates
  • Collect samples less often and archive cDNA for future use, saving time and effort


The MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis from Cell Lysates Kit enables the user to perform sensitive qRT-PCR studies from very small populations of cells, even from as little as one cell.

The kit amplifies the cellular mRNA directly from a cell lysate, without the need to purify total RNA, and then converts the amplified RNA to cDNA that is ready for qPCR. Amplified cDNA is efficiently produced from the lysates of 1 to 500 cells.

Description Reference Price Quantity
Messagebooster cDNA Synt. kit/ cell lysate(10rxns) MBCL90310 ***
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