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Fast-Link DNA Ligation Kit
  • Clone with speed and efficiency
  • Transform into E. coli without clean-up or desalting.


The Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation Kit uses a high-quality ligase (Fast-Link T4 DNA Ligase), that was cloned at Epicentre and formulated to provide extremely rapid, high-efficiency DNA ligation. Cohesive-end ligations can be performed in 5 minutes at room temperature. In contrast to other ligases, it is not necessary to desalt Fast-Link ligation reactions prior to transformation of electrocompetent or chemically competent cells. The Fast-Link Kit can be used for routine and high-throughput DNA cloning.



  • Blunt-end and TA cloning of PCR products.
  • Ligation of next-gen sequencing adaptors to blunt-ended DNA.
  • Genomic DNA cloning and subcloning.
  • BAC/fosmid library construction.
  • cDNA cloning.
  • Linker ligation.
  • Cohesive-end ligations in 5 minutes at room temperature
  • Blunt-end ligations in 15 minutes at room temperature
  • Ligation of PCR product with A-overhangs in 1 hour at 16°C.
  • High ligation efficiency (table 1)
  • Desalting of ligation products is not needed prior to transformation of electrocompetent or chemically competent cells.
  • BAC ligation with inserts >100 kb can be performed in 4 hours, instead of overnight reactions as with other ligases.


Type of End Ligation Time % White Colonies Recombinants per µg DNA
Overhang 5 min. 93 2.0 x 106
Blunt 15 min. 71 4.4 x 105
PCR product with 3´-A overhang 1 hr. 68 1.2 x 104

Table 1. Fast-Link™ representative results.

Description Reference Price Quantity
Fast-Link DNA Ligation Kit (50rxns) LK0750H ***
Fast-Link DNA Ligation Kit (100rxns) LK6201H ***
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