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EZ-TN5 TNP Transposome™ Kit
  • Generate random gene knockouts in non-E. coli bacteria
  • Generate mutants with improved genetics or function Identify genes involved in pathogenesis, toxicity, biofilm development
  • Unravel metabolic pathways
  • Identify essential genes and regulatory elements
  • Characterize novel genes and gene functions
  • Insert Kan selectable marker into gDNA and rescue clones in E. coli host expressing the pir gene product
  • 100’s of citations for many different applications




Rescue cloning of transposon-mutagenized microbial genes (Fig. 1).

Rescue of plasmids from non-E. coli bacteria.


  • Easily recover and propagate plasmids from diverse bacterial genera that will not normally replicate in E. coli.
  • Simple rescue cloning process of mutagenized genes speeds up structure/function studies and sequencing.
  • Random insertion of transposon DNA assures excellent coverage of entire bacterial chromosome.
  • Rescue clones can be sequenced bidirectionally using the primers provided that are homologous to the ends of the transposon.
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EZ-TN5 <R6KGORI/KAN-2>TNP Transposome™ Kit(10rxns) TSM08KR ***
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