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END-IT DNA End-Repair Kit

Convert DNA with damaged or incompatible 5´- and/or 3´-protruding ends into ready-to-ligate, 5´-phosphorylated, blunt-ended DNA.

  • Complete conversion of DNA into blunt-ended, phosphorylated DNA Repair sheared, nebulized or restriction enzyme-digested genomic DNA
  • Prepare templates for NGS (next-generation sequencing) or shotgun library preparation


  • The End-It™ DNA End-Repair Kit converts DNA containing damaged or incompatible 5´- and/or 3´-protruding ends to 5´-phosphorylated, blunt-ended DNA.
  • The end-repaired DNA can be rapidly ligated into a cloning vector or to next-gen sequencing adaptors, using the Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation Kit.
  • The End-It DNA End-Repair Kit contains reagents for 20 or 50 end-repair reactions (repair of up to 100 µg or 250 µg of genomic DNA, respectively).
Description Reference Price Quantity
END-IT DNA End-Repair Kit (20rxns) ER0720 ***
END-IT DNA End-Repair Kit (50rxns) ER81050 ***
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