Swabs with Transport Medium

Samples can arrive at the microbiology laboratory in a variety of formats, often sub-samples of a large production batch or in a clinical setting, samples of body fluids. Swabs however, are unique in their presentation, as the target microorganisms need to have been efficiently collected from the sampling site, carried by an inert vector and then must be recovered from this for subsequent analysis. During transportation of the swab the numbers and proportions of micro-organisms present should be the same when it arrives at the lab as they were when first sampled. Swab transport systems should be able to keep the more delicate and fastidious bacteria viable whilst preventing the more robust ones from multipyling and obscuring others.

Available Swabs:

Bio - Cult Amies
Bio - Cult Stuart
Bio - Cult Stuart + charcoal
Bio - Cult Amies + charcoal
Swab Solution Skeleton
Swab Solution Surfaces
Neutralizing buffer Swabs