Placas Microbiologia das Águas de 60mm

Liofilchem for ready-to-use media have available 60 mm ready plates, for water analysis application. In water analysis it is use to do membrane filtration methods therefore membranes are placed in petri dishes and being petri dishes of 60 mm incubation space could be enlarged, improving the equipment resources.


Available 60mm petri dishes:

Aeromonas Agar
Baird Parker Agar
Bile Aesculin Azide Agar
Iron Sulphite Agar
Legionella Agar G.V.P.C.
Legionella MWY Agar
Mac Conkey Agar
Mycosel Agar
Plate Count Agar
Cetrimide Agar
Pseudomonas CN Agar
Pseudomonas Isolation Agar
R2 Agar
S.P.S. Agar
Sabouraud Dextrose Agar
Slanetz Bartley Agar (m-Enterococcus A.)
Streptococcal KF + TTC Agar
Tergitol + TTC Agar
Tergitol Agar
Yeast Extract Agar
m-CP Agar
m-Endo Agar LES
m-Faecal Coliform Agar