Multodisc with eight antimicrobial agents

Multodiscs are rings of absorbent paper with eight arms, each terminating in a 6 mm disc impregnated with an antibiotic. Each disc is marked with an identification code. A barrier of inert material at the end of each arm prevents diffusion of the antibiotic. This makes it possible to have easily measurable circular inhibition zones and makes Multodiscs suitable for sensitivity tests using the NCCLS Bauer-Kirby method or other methods based on diffusion in agar media. Multidiscs are offered in a large variety of configurations. Each configuration is available in the 100-test version.


The rings are applied to the surface of a culture medium inoculated with the culture broth prepared with pure colonies of the micro-organism under examination. After incubation the dishes are examined and the inhibition rings for each disc are measured and compared with the diameters of the standard inhibition ring. In this way the micro organism can be shown as sensitive, intermediate or resistant to the antimicrobial agents tested.


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Available Multodiscs: