Haemoculture Bottles

The bottle Hemo-Aerobic Culturing contains a very nutritive medium, Brain Heart Infusion Broth (B.H.I.) with p-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) and Sodium-polyanethol-sulphonate (SPS), for culturing fastidious, aerobic and facultative anaerobic, microorganisms from venous blood.

The bottle is endowed with a plastic cap green in colour, a perforable rubber subcap, and a transparent protective cap, for 80 and 40 mL. bottles.

The bottle Hemo-Aerobic Culturing Neonatal is endowed with a perforable rubber stopper grey in color and with a metallic screw cap with a lift plastic overcap green in colour.

For an optimum use the product is available in three presentations:

  • Hemo-Aerobic Culturing (for adults)
  • Hemo-Aerobic Culturing Pediatric (for children)
  • Hemo-Aerobic Culturing Neonatal (for new-borns and children under 2 years old)

Blood samples must be drawn from the patient with rigorously aseptic technique and sterile devices. The so-obtained sample is inoculated into the hemo-culturing bottle and mixed with the liquid medium whose formulation increases the growth of fastidious, aerobic and facultative anaerobic, microorganisms from venous blood.

Brain Heart Infusion and peptone in the broth provide amino acids and proteins for microorganisms growth.

Sodium chloride maintains the osmotic balance of the medium.

Sodium phosphate bibasic is the buffer of the medium and dextrose is a carbon source. p- Aminobenzoic Acid is a forerunner of folic acid and neutralizes the effects of sulphonamides in the inoculum through a competitive inhibition. Sodium-polyanethol-sulphonate inhibits coagulation, neutralizes bactericide effect of human serum, prevents fagocytosis and partially inactives some antibiotics (streptomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin and polymyxin B).


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Available Haemoculture bottles:

Hemo-Aerobic Culturing
Hemo-Aerobic Culturing Neonatal
Hemo-Aerobic Culturing Pediatric
Hemo-Anaerobic Culturing
Hemo-Anaerobic Culturing Neonatal
Hemo-Anaerobic Culturing Pediatric