Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Panasonic reputation is built upon world-class design and refrigeration systems developed for ultra-low temperature applications. In fact, Panasonic (ex SANYO) has pioneered the development of new technologies for ultra-low temperature storage from the -152ºC freezer, the introduction of application specific CFC-free refrigerants and the first -86ºC freezer with Vaccum Insulation (VIP).

More recently, Panasonic introduced the next generation of compressors for ultra-low freezers. Cool Safe compressors provide new levels of durability with significantly reduced power consumpsion, heat output and noise.


Why choose a PANASONIC Ultra-Low Freezer?


It´s Performance: Panasonic refrigeration systems offer superior performance and durability, even in high ambient temperatures and in response to frequent door openings. The cooling system also maintains uniform temperatures throughout the freezer, which is especially important when validation is required.


The Low Frost Design: Fully insulated inner doors, advanced gasket design and heated door frames combat excessive ice built-up and ensure an effective seal against ambient air. This reduces routine maintenance and keeps samples safe.


The Vaccum Insulation Panels (VIP): Panasonic was the first company to introduce vaccum insulation panels to ultra-low temperature freezers. The Panasonic range of VIP freezers provide typically 25% more storage capacity for a given floor area saving valuable lab space.


For the security of your samples: Advanced microprocessor controls constantly monitor freezer operation and ambient conditions to ensure reliable operation. Extensive audio-visual alarms and remote alarm contacts give immediate notice of a fault condition. Back-up and monitoring options are available.


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Panasonic range of ultra-low temperature equipments: