Panasonic CO2 and Multigas Incubators provide the very best conditions for cell cultivation, from routine cell culture to the most critical applications. Panasonic has pioneered the development of technologies, which set new standards for temperature and CO2 control. In addition, Panasonic's contamination control technology constantly helps to protect valuable samples, without downtime or compromise to the incubator's performance.


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Panasonic's range of Incubators:


General features of Panasonic Incubators:

  • Performance: Panasonic incubators offer outstanding control and rapid recovery of temperature and CO2/O2 concentration to provide optimum conditions and reproducible results
  • Temperature: Direct Heat and Air Jacket technologu (DHA) provides precise and uniform temperature control, with rapid response following door opening. Uniform temperatures (and CO2 levels) are further enhanced bu gentle fan circulation, which unlike convection methods, is much less affected by incubator loading and other factors
  • CO2: Panasonic introduced reliable, long-life solid-state Infrared sensors and PID control of CO2 injection to provide exceptional CO2 stability and recovery times. Auto-calibration using room air eliminates drift and fan circulation ensures efficient distribution and uniformity of CO2 inside the incubator
  • Relative Humidity: A removable water pan combined with an independent heater at the base of the incubator provides an efficient, cost effective method for maintaining elevated humidity levels. The humidifying pan can be easily removed and a water level sensor provides an easy maintenance system
  • Preventive Contamination Control: Panasonic's InCu saFe and SafeCell UV work in combination to provide the most effective protection against contamination during culturing, without downtime or affecting system