Circulating Baths

Water and Water and Oil Circulators: A range of water baths for external circulation of temperature controlled water in a closed circuit. Digital PID Controlled Thermocirculator with timer is housed in a durable stainless steel case. Immersed components are corrosion resistant. The thermocirculator features a safety cut-out float, illuminated mains, heater and alarm temperature indications. The thermocirculator is supplied assembled to a stainless steel mounting bridge which features push-fit and lock fittings for inlet and outlet accessory hoses for external water and oil circulation. Each bath consist of a 304 spec stainless steel tank contained within a sturdy outer case with chemical resistant anti-bacterial paint finish and is complete with a stainless steel shelf providing good water temperature stability.


Available Models:


Water Circulators

8L Water Circulator Bath 14L Water Circulator Bath 22L Water Circulator Bath
28L Water Circulator Bath 56L Water Circulator Bath Circulator only



Water and Oil Circulators

8L Water & Oil Circulator Bath 14L Water & Oil Circulator Bath
22L Water & Oil Circulator Bath Water & Oil Circulator only