Researchers waste valuable time and energy when limited to using a centralized building autoclave. Installation and maintenance of central autoclaves are not only costly but time consuming. Panasonic offers the solution: Portable autoclaves designed for individual use that can be conveniently wheeled from one lab to another.


PANASONIC Biomedical Magazine 2013|2014|2015


General features of Panasonic autoclaves:

  • Compact design, swing-up lid for easy access
  • Surprisingly large chamber
  • Newly designed handle lets users open and close the lid easily with one hand
  • Equipped with 4 selectable courses and 3 customizable programs
  • Functions for user safety and cooling fan/exhaust level adjustments to reduce cooling time
  • Optional thermal printer
  • Microprocessor temperature control
  • Air vent control 


Available Models:


MLS-3020U-PE MLS-3751L-PE MLS-3781L-PE
48L Portable Autoclave 50L Portable Autoclave 75L Portable Autoclave



Microjet Autoclave for Laboratory Use