Nuclear Receptor ELISAs

Nuclear receptors (NR) belong to a superfamily of structurally related ligand-inducible transcription factors. Inappropriate signaling by these receptors is associated with numerous disease states, including cancer, asthma, infertility, osteoporosis and arthritis. Active Motif's NR Sandwich ELISAs provide a quick and easy method to measure the total amount of a nuclear receptor in a given sample. Assays are available to study Androgen Receptor (AR), Estrogen Receptor (ERα) and Progesterone Receptor (PR)

Why use the Nuclear Receptor ELISAs?

  • Quantitative results in just hours
  • ELISA format eliminates the need to run, blot and develop gels
  • NR Sandwich measures Total Nuclear Receptor
  • Analyze multiple samples in low volume, high throughput
  • Ability to assay both cellular extracts and recombinant proteins

The NR Sandwich ELISA method:

In order to fully examine the activation of nuclear receptors, it is important to be able to quantify the total levels of a given nuclear receptor within a sample. Traditionally, total nuclear receptor protein levels have been monitored using Western blot, EMSA and reporter assays, which can be time-consuming and difficult to quantify. Active Motif's NR Sandwich Kits provide a simple, rapid and quantitative alternative to traditional low-throughput, labor-intensive assays. The NR Sandwich ELISAs use two antibodies that recognize different epitopes on the protein of interest. The Capture Antibody, which is supplied immobilized in the wells of an ELISA plate, binds the nuclear receptor protein when the sample is added. The Detecting Antibody then binds to the captured nuclear receptor protein. Subsequent incubation with a HRP-conjugated secondary antibody provides an easily quantified readout of total nuclear receptor protein levels (Figure 1).

Figure 1: NR Sandwich ELISA schematic. Capture and Detecting Antibodies are used for sensitive, accurate quantification of the nuclear receptor of interest (NR).

NR Sandwich AR
NR Sandwich Era
NR Sandwich PR