DNA Repair Protein ELISAs

Active Motif's DNA Repair Protein ELISAs are DNA-binding ELISAs that detect activity of DNA repair proteins in both mammalian tissue and cell culture extracts. The kits combine a fast, user-friendly format that is more sensitive than gelshift while eliminating the use of radioactivity. Each kit contains a 96-well plate in which multiple copies of a DNA lesion-containing oligonucleotide have been immobilized. Cell extract is added to each well and the repair protein of interest binds specifically to the damaged DNA on the plate. Each well is then incubated with a primary antibody directed against the repair protein being studied, followed by an HRP-conjugated secondary antibody and developing solution. Quantitative results are generated in less than five hours (Figure 1). Click on the links to the right for kit-specific information.

Figure 1: Flow chart of DNA Repair Protein ELISAs. DNA repair proteins bind to oligonucleotides that are immobilized in the well. Incubation with primary & secondary antibodies and developing solution enables accurate measurement of DNA repair protein activity using colorimetric readout.

RPA DNA Repair Protein ELISA