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123L Cooled Incubator


The Panasonic MIR-154 incubator is recognized as an exceptional unit suitable for a wide range of applications requiring a -10ºC to +60ºC environment. The wide variety of temperatures, humidity and lighting patterns that are essential in research, environmental studies and testing can now be accurately reproduced and controlled.



  • 123 litres
  • Intelligent LCD Controller
  • Independent Over-temperature Protection Device
  • Programmed Memory Back-up Mechanism
  • Automatic Return Buzzer Switch

Exterior (W x D x H)

700 x 580 x 1018 mm

Interior (W x D x H)

620 x 386 x 555 mm

Effective capacity

123 Litres


78 Kg

Exterior finish

Galvanised steel with baked-on finish

Interior finish

Stainless steel

Outer doors

1 door, Galvanized steel with baked on finish, triple-pane glass, observation window


3, PE coated steel wire, adjustable

Max. load/shelf/drawer/container

20 Kg

Access ports

1, left hand side Ø 40 mm


Cord Heater, 141W


Foamed-in-place rigid polyurethane

Circulation system

Forced air circulation

Temp. control

Microprocessor PID system (when compressor operates, on-off control)



Temp. control range

-10°C ~ 60°C (AT 5°C to 35°C, no-load)

Temp. fluctuation at heater PID control

+/- 0.2°C (SV 50°C, AT 20°C, no load)

Temp. fluctuation at compressor on-off control

+/- 1.5°C (SV 5°C, AT 20°C, no load)

Temp. uniformity

+/- 0.5°C (setting temp. 37°C, AT 20°C, no load)

Temp. sensor


Interior Lamp

15W x 1Fluorescent lamp (setting temp. +5°C to 50°C)


High/Low stage temperature, door open

Remote alarm contact

Allowable contact capacity DC 30V, 2A

Programmed operation

12-step repeat from 1-98 times or unlimited. Max. 10 programs memorised

  • Wide temperature range from -10ºC to +60ºC with excellent uniformity
  • Precise Temperature Control For Accurate, Repeatable Conditions
  • Energy Saving Operation
  • Ultimate Secure, Comprehensive Alarm System
  • Modern Design for Exceptional Usability
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