Microbiology Kits for Microbial Identification Systems for Clinical Identification Systems for presumptive ID and AST directly from clinical specimens
Copro System Plus

System for detection and identification of intestinal pathogenic microorganisms.


Copro System Plus is a 18 wells system containing desiccated biochemical substrata for the detection, presumptive identification of microorganisms from fecal samples (fecal culture). The system is inoculated with the suspension of the specimen and incubated at 36 ± 1°C for 18-24 hours. The tests for the detection and presumptive identification of microorganisms present in the specimen are interpreted by evaluating the color change in the wells and performing immunologic and microscopic confirmation tests.


The package contains:

20 or 4 Copro System Plus;

20 or 4 Physiological Solution Vials (7.0 mL/vial);

1 Instructions Sheet;

1 Test Results Form.

Additional info

Items necessary, but not included in the Kit:


Salmonella Latex Kit (Ref. 96151)

Enterosystem 18R Reagent (Ref. 80252)

Yersinia Enterocolitica Antiserum (Ref. 96147)

Sterile containers for fecal culture (Ref. 96708)

Shigella Antiserum (Ref. 96148)

E. Coli O157 Latex Kit (Ref. 96150)

Campylobacter Latex Kit (Ref. 96143)

Oxidase Test Disc (Ref. 88004)

Collection swabs, Cover slides and slides and Microscope

Description Reference Price Quantity
Copro System Plus (20 tests) 71675 ***
Copro System Plus (4 tests) 79675 ***
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