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Scan 100


Scan® 100 colony counter allows highly accurate counting of colonies with amazing comfort. Position your Petri dish, then set the sensitivity of the tactile surface. Mark each colony with any kind of pencil. A sound signal indicates each counted colony. A unique LED lighting system (Dark Field technology) gives you an accurate and contrasted view of the colonies. To guarantee maximum traceability, an integrated USB port allows you to export your results to the software of your choice ( PC / Mac ). Its exclusive, highly ergonomic hand rest ensures you optimal comfort while working .



Petri dishes

55, 65, 90, 150 mm

Dim. (L x l x h)

35 x 25 x 17 cm


Stainless steel


Digital, multi-function


0-1999 UFC


USB port for easy transfer to any kind of software

Indicative sound

Adjustable volume: 4 levels

Counting zone

Touch surface: adjustable sensitivity


Built-in accessories storage rack

Delivered accessories

- White diffusing background

- 90mm dish adapter

- Power supply

- USB cable



Specially designed for ensuring your comfort in long-use sessions, Scan® 100’s hand rest gives you control and accuracy for all your counts. Count without straining your eyes thanks to the crossed lighting system. 


White LED adjustable lighting:

The LEDs are placed in a circle below the dish, which allows optimal contrast for colonies. Set the intensity with the «lighting» button. 


55 to 150 mm Petri dishes:

Count colonies on dishes from 55 to 150 mm! 


USB data export:

Scan® 100 is equiped with an integrated USB port to transfer data to the software of your choice, without prior installation. 


Adjustable touch surface:

The tactile surface sensitivity is adjustable thanks to a button in the front of the unit. You can use any kind of pencil. 



Microbiology: all applications

Reads every kind of media: Petri dishes, Petrifilm™, Sanita-kun™, Compact Dry™

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Scan 100 - Colony Counters 435000 ***
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