Microbiology Kits for Microbial Identification Systems for Clinical Identification Systems for presumptive ID and AST directly from clinical specimens
A.F. Genital System

System for detection, count and susceptibility testing of pathogenic urogenital microorganisms.


A.F. Genital System is a 24-well system containing desiccated biochemical and antibiotic substrates for detection, presumptive identification and susceptibility test of microorganisms from urogenital specimens. The system also provides a semi-quantitative assessment of the presence of urogenital mycoplasmas (Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealyticum). The system is inoculated with the suspension of the clinical sample and incubated at 36±1 °C for 18-24 hours. The tests used in the detection, count and presumptive identification of the microorganisms and for the susceptibility test of the urogenital mycoplasmas in the sample are interpreted by assessing the change in colour of the various wells and performing a microscope examination.


The kit contains:

20 A.F. Genital System;

20 vials of Physiological Solution (7.0 mL/vial);

Instruction sheet;

1 Test Results Form.

Additional info

Items necessary, but not included in the Kit:


A.F. Genital System Reagent (Ref. 80258)

Mycoplasma Transport Broth (Ref. 20158)

Strepto B latex Kit (Ref. 96153)

Sampling swabs

Cover slides and slides


Description Reference Price Quantity
A.F. Genital System (20 tests) 74156 ***
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