Kits for Microbial Identification

Manual system for microbial identification have given a great improvement in pathogens identification. They combine in one support various biochemical and/or susceptibilibity antibiotic test for microorganism identification.

Nowadays some systems are available for different application, such as, clinical microorganisms identification, for urogenital pathogens, including Mycoplasm, pathogens from intestinal system and urinary microorganisms, yeast and other pathogens associated to Food Industry.

These systems offers a large and robust, accurate identifications, based on extensive and standardized database available in a Coodbook for easy-to-use test systems, quick, safe and easy to perform.

Other tests for microbial identification are also use, such as, sugar fermentation tests, Microbial staining and fixatives, as other test, as dip-slides and other individually test systems (oxidase, Catalase, e.g.).