Reference Strains

A reliable source of reference stock cultures for use in microbiology quality assurance programs is essential. Microorganisms with known and predictable characteristics are used in quality control, education and proficiency programs. Lyophilization is a well-documented and recommended method for long-term preservation of microorganisms. The use of this lyophilized material provides equivalent results to traditional methods used in preparing, storing and maintaining reference stock culture collections.

Many laboratory Quality Control testing procedures need a specified concentration of the challenge strain and that the challenge strain only be passed or subcultured from a reference culture a limited number of times to prevent mutation and subtle performance changes. Traditional methods for preparing challenge strains at specified concentrations are time consuming and labor-intensive. Laboratories will purchase a designated strain, grow the strain, prepare the dilutions, perform colony counts on each dilution to determine the concentration to be employed in the challenge procedure, and subsequently prepare dilutions of the challenge strain for actual use. Also, at each subculture step, phenotypic tests (biochemical activity and morphological examinations) are performed to provide assurance that no mutations or alterations have taken place.


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