Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

Hydrophilic membrane. Ideal for use in Sterilizing and Clarifying filtration of biological solutions. High Flow Rates. Low Extractables. Broad Chemical Compatibility. Very low protein binding.


Features and Benefits:

• Naturally hydrophobic unsupported membrane

• Chemical compatibility allows the use of all commonly used stains

• Low backgrounds, high sensitivity

• High binding capacity eliminating sample “blow through”

• BSA binding capacity up to 125 μg/cm²



• Western transfers

• Protein sequencing

• Peptide mapping

• Amino acid analysis

• Dot/slot blots

• Filtration of Aqueous and Organic Solutions

• Analytical Sample Prep, uHPLC

• Chromatography

• Clarification


Detailed Application: Sterilizing and clarifying filtration of biological solutions. Preparation of protein-containing solutions prior to chromatography or other instrument analyses. Useful for a wide range of applications, including aggressive and non-aggressive solvent-based mobile phase. Offers excellent chemical compatibility, even with aggressive acids and alcohols. Provides high flow rates and throughput, low extractables and broad chemical compatibility. The 0.22 μm pore size assures removal of the contaminant size most likely to plug a UHPLC column and offers significantly better protection of your analytical results.