Culture Flasks

Two types of culture flasks are available: with vented cap and with filter cap.

Both types are high-quality Cell and Tissue Culture Flasks that guarantee an even surface refinement in the growth zone. The special surface treatment − no chemicals are used − provides an optimal growth surface. Orange Scientific Culture Flasks are made of USP VI class virgin Polystyrene, high clarity and toughness, high light transferability with minimal light distortion.


Vent stop position allows easy stopping of the cap in the Vent position, and ensures perfect repetition from flask to flask.


Orange Scientific flasks are also available with filter caps. A hydrophobic membrane with micro pores allows sterile gas exchange, thus protecting both the culture and the environment from risk of contamination. The micro pores of the membrane prevent the passage of particles larger than 0.2 µm, and therefore they retain bacteria and spores. As the membrane is hydrophobic, the pores will not be clogged even if the liquid in the flask comes in contact with the membrane.


Lot Number and Expiry Date are printed on each Flask.


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Flasks with vented cap Flasks with filter cap