Modified dNTPs

dNTPs with aminolinkers (Aminohexyl-dCTP and Aminoallyl-dUTP) – can be used for enzymatic indirect non-radioactive labeling of DNA in PCR, nick.translation, cDNA ynthesis or primers extention reactions


Fluorescein or TAMRA labeled dUTP (Flu-12-dUTP and TAMRA-12-dUTP) – used for fluorescent labeling of DNA by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase or DNA Polymerases


Biotin labeled dUTP (Bio-11-dUTP) – used for non-radioactive DNA labelling


BUdR triphosphate - used for incorporating into DNA for the subsequent detection with anti-BUdR antibodies


AZT Triphosphate - used for inhibition of reverse transcription in vitro and for the investigation of polymerase-substrate interactions.


7-deaza dGTP – suitable in sequencing for the resolution of the compressions in G-C-rich regions


Chain Terminators (Set of 4 ddNTPs) - suitable for sequencing DNA by the methods of Sanger and cycle sequence.


AZT Triphosphate